Mentioned previously the default configuration will populate the MES setup, however it is then down to you to change and manage the settings to best suit your business. To get to the MES Setup page use the search on the role centre to type in the page you need to get to.

Once on the MES Setup page you will see how each aspect of using MES is split down into Different FastTabs, in each FastTabs some fields will already be poulated and some settings will be enabled as part of the Default Configuration which can all be changed.

The first FastTab is the General FastTab, there is only one field in here called Portal Fwk. Application ID. This is already poulated as part of the default configuration. Poulating this field lets the web portal know that all settings below relate to this specfic Application ID.

NB: You can create multiple Applications ID’s in the Portal Framework, each setup differently to meet the needs of the business.