The next FastTab on the setup page is Operators FastTab. Like previous tabs in MES setup there are a range of options, these options relate more to how operators are handled and the flexibility they have on the devices.

The first setting on this tab is around Operator Selection, the drop down next to the field allows you to choose how the selection of the operator should be made when prompted on the device.

You can choose from the default option Selection or Access Codes. If you choose the option Selection in the settings, on the device you will choose from all the operators available or assigned to the machine. If Access Code is, choose as an option, users will be presented with a screen to enter their access code validating them as the operator using the machine centre.

Show No. of Expected Operators, this flag when set is more for visual purposes on the device. When selected and the device is run a box will appear on the screen called Expd. No of Operators. The figure shown on the screen comes from the routing line on the Production Order.

Example Scenario

  • On your routing lines populate the fields Expd. No. of Operators (Setup) & Expd. No. of Operators (Run)

    • Put 2 different figures into each of the fields so you can clearly see the differences on the device
  • On the SFDC setup select the option Show No. of Expected Operators

  • Depending on your Time Type (so whether you are in setup time or run time for that machine or WorkCentre), will depend on what figure shows

NB: if you leave either field empty (0) but have the flag ticked on the device that box will still show just with a 0 figure.

When it comes to operators it may be important that the flag to Post Operator Dimensions needs to be ticked, this allows for operator dimensions to be posted with the device capacity entries.

Ticking the option Post Operator Time/Cost will calculate the time that the operator works on a production order using the Operator Costs. Both this piece of setup and the one regarding operator dimensions will detailed further on in the user guide.

The final option in this tab is to Allow Users to add notes, this option means that notes can be added within MES, not just within Business Central. On the device screen users will see a new button called Notes (only if this option is ticked in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central). Users or operators can add notes in here which are then saved back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central against both the routing line and the production order.