There are several actions at the top of the MES setup screen, some have already been mentioned in other sections of the User Guide. The two that haven’t been mentioned are: Browse to Portal and Calc. Qty. Available to Start.

By running the Calc. Qty Available to Start function you are initializing the MES field Qty. Available to Start (Base) on each Prod. Order Routing Line table – this is in the case of where you have pre-existing Released Production Orders.

Clicking the action Browse to Portal will take you back to the device client. This is used in cases where you have closed the device client down by accident. If you are in the middle of outputting a production routing line we would recommend using the Browse to Device function (mentioned later on in the user guide) as that will take you back into that order. Using this function will take you back to the screen prompting you for the Machine Centre.

NB: If you have not registered your application (Register Application function) and you try to Browse to Portal it will error telling you to register your application first.