Below each device that has been created you can modify the section labelled Portal Fwk. App. Device Data.

There is no requirement to setup any data in here you could leave it blank and simply allow the global settings, on the MES Setup page (will be highlighted further on in the document) to takeover, at each step users will be asked to select a Centre, select an operator, select a work centre etc…

If it is left blank and an error occurs on the device, you can look at the data within this section against the device to understand what was selected and most likely remove the data in the field against the Data Type Code so that the prompt on the device will happen again (in most cases fixing the issue)

Populating data within here could be used if you were permanently fixing a Machine Centre and an Operator to a device for example.

If there is a requirement to setup the Portal Fwk. App. Device Data, against a device here is what is required:

The first field to select is the Data Type Code - this is done using the drop down on the field. The list presented to you are data types that have been created during installation of the addition (it does not mean that more can’t be added). A data type codes are a set of codes that define the types of data that are to be collected by MES - the types of information that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central needs to prompt the portal interface to gather from the user.

Device data works in several ways. It gives the users opportunities to set defaults for when they are running the interface on their devices. Users can choose to set up the data to be Blank, Session or Permanent in the Retain Data field.


Means that it will take the defaults that you have set in the data fields as the options you are picking when running the MES Portal. For example, if I have Data Type as Centre, Data as 130 and Retain Data as blank it would simply not as the centre question in the MES Portal.

The only way to change these setting is to either change it in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or click the back button in the MES portal which will take the user back a page and allow them to select a new Centre. This newly chosen option of Centre will then push back to the settings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Means the data is retained for the device session. For example, once a production is completed on the portal the blank data types are reset and subsequently the operator will be prompted to make selections, retaining just the session and any permanent data.


This means that the data populated against each of the Data Type codes will always be the same. It means that that if the user were to click the back button in the MES portal it won’t allow them to select a new Centre for example it will keep them in the same centre that has been set Permanently in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The data options can only be changed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

NB: By default, the Centre for each device will be set as Permanent as that device is linked directly to that Machine Centre, and does not require the operator to select which Machine centre they are working on during the production process.