From the Portal Application ID page, you can navigate to the devices that are linked to that ID. To see the devices, highlight the MES application ID and click on the Devices action.

These devices are created on installation of the Clever MES app ONLY when applying the default config.  

On installation the app will look for Machine Centres that have been created within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central if any exist a device will be created linking that Machine Centre to the Device (a like for like). At the same time those machine centres will be flagged to Show in MES, which will be explained further on in the user guide.

NB: If there are no Machine Centres created before the app is installed, then no devices will be created in the page above. 

From each device you can also Browse to Device this is used in circumstances where you have accidently closed the device client and need to get back to it. This is different to Browse to Portal in that this function it will take you directly back to the production order you were working on (based on Device Data).