Handheld User Groups can be used to group a number of ‘Handheld Users’ together.

A ‘Handheld User Group’ can then be assigned to Picks, Putaways, Movements etc. to allow anyone within that group to be able to pick up the document and process it on the Handheld Device.

A ‘Handheld User’ can be a member of multiple ‘Handheld User Groups’ where required.

To create a new group, you should populate the ‘Code’ and ‘Description’ fields.

The ‘Priority’ field can be used to assign the priority order for that group where the lowest number has the highest priority. The value defined here will then be respected when a ‘Handheld User’ is a member of multiple groups.

The ‘Group Members’ button on the Ribbon of this Page can be selected if you would like to view a list of all the ‘Handheld Users’ which are part of that group.