Shipment Management can optionally print Proof of Delivery documents based on information collected during a delivery or collection

To set-up report selections for Proof of Delivery Documents select Report Selections - Proof of Delivery from the ribbon of the Shipment Management Setup page:

This will open a new page:

Within the Shipment Management Report Selection for Proof of Delivery documents you can setup various report IDs that are to be printed when a proof of delivery is printed from either the Route, Drop or posted source document (For example, a Sales Shipment).

For each report/document to be printed specify the Report ID. There is a lookup related to this field that list all the reports available in the the system. On selecting a report the Report Name will automatically be populated with the name of the report. 

Note: When installing the application for the first time the system will automatically create a report selection for the Proof of Delivery. This can be removed if it is not required.