After setting up the Promotion No. Series, it is time to setup your promotion(s). You must first navigate to the Promotions page. This can be done using the search function on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central role centre.

The Promotions List page shows the various promotions that have been created within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This page gives an overview of the promotions, with a brief description, the starting and ending dates for when the promotion will run, and its status of either; enabled or not enabled.

There are several buttons relating to the promotions on the list, you can find these under the Process option along the top of the screen.

The different options available include: being able to disable and enable promotions within the list.

Highlighting the promotion from the list and clicking on the Disable Promotion button, will disable the promotion.

The same goes for the button Enable Promotion, this allows user to go through and enable promotions which were once disabled and can now be used for business purposes.

NB: You can choose the option Edit List which will allow you to enable and disable promotions from the list rather than going into each promotion card or using the buttons detailed above.

Being able to Move Up and Move Down, will change the position of the highlighted promotion in the list. The position of the promotion will determine which one is automatically applied to your Sales Document on Release, especially in scenarios where you may have multiple promotions with the same criteria being met.

Copy Promotion (mentioned earlier in the user guide) does as described, as a user simply highlight the promotion you wish to copy and hit the button Copy Promotion. A new promotion will be created copying all the details of the promotion code you had originally selected. The difference between the newly created promotion and the one you copied is that the new one will be Disabled and be given a different No. based on the No. series you have selected in the Sales & Receivables Setup page.

The final few options include New Promotion, which will run the Assisted Setup for creating a promotion, and New, which will open a promotion card and allow you to create your new promotion manually.