With Clever Promotions installed you will notice several new Actions into the Ribbon when the user is on a Sales Order. It adds Apply Promotion and Un-apply Promotion on the Actions tab.

The Apply Promotion action will trigger Dynamics 365 Business Central to check through the enabled promotions on the system and see which ones are a fit for the combination of the customer and the items (and their quantity and values). It will then add them into the sales document where applicable, for example adding a line discount or an extra line giving a product free.

If there are no enabled promotions that the combination of this customer and these items qualify for, the user will get this message when attempting to Apply Promotion. When the application is successful you will get a confirmation message like below.

The Un-apply Promotion action will remove previously applied promotions from the sales document. All lines will revert to their values without the promotion and extra lines that were added will be removed

If the user modifies something (price, discount, quantity) on the lines which are already using the promotion, then they will get an information message and the promotion lines will be deleted from the Sales Document, and reapplied if it meets the criteria and setup of the promotion(s).

NB: It is possible to add further lines to a Sales Document after a Promotion has been applied to the original lines, however the new sales lines won’t use the applied promotion from the previous lines.