It was previously mentioned in the user guide that Promotion Codes could be used as part of the qualification criteria. There are 2 options as to the type of promotion code you can choose to apply to the sales document, should it meet the criteria.

When using the Promotion Code Type of Group, you must first navigate through the Role centre or use the search to get to the Promotion Code Groups page. This page shows the codes that have been created in the system. Each line here is a group of codes that can be used in a specific promotion.

In the General FastTab you can see the code (reference name), a description, the maximum number of uses each code is valid for and the format the code will take. The code format here is:

# - represents 0-9

\@ - represents A-Z

? - represents 0-Z (numbers and letters)

Any other characters will be used as they appear in the format e.g. "SALE-\@\@#?" will give a code of the format "SALE-AA00".

The Promotion Codes FastTab lists all the codes created for this promotion and tracks the number of uses for each one.

The Generate Codes action on the Ribbon of the Promotion Code Group Card allows the user to create more codes for use with this specific promotion. They will inherit the properties set in the General FastTab.

The user can determine how many new codes to create and whether they should be sequential or random.

NB: You can choose to generate codes multiple times; the sequence will simply follow on from the last created code within the promotion group code.

As sequential codes could present too predictable a sequence for customers to possibly guess without being given the code, the user may wish to create randomly generated codes. These will still be valid for the same number of uses.

The use of Promotion Code Type of Code works slightly differently, on the basis that if this is setup it is presumed that only one promotion code can be applied to all sales documents applicable for the promotion. The other difference between using Code compared to Group is that code does not have a limited amount of uses against it.

The No. of Uses field on the Promotion Code Group Card can be clicked, this will display a list of the documents on which the codes have been used.

From this list you can Show the Sales Document the Promotion Group Code has been applied to.