Some of our apps require a dependency, the installation of Clever Promotions is one of those apps. Another app of ours called Clever Config will be installed at the same time.

NB: You should not uninstall Clever Config if you plan on using the Clever Promotions App.

Like some of our other apps, Clever Promotions gives you the options to go through the setup manually, which consists of you going into each of the setup pages (highlighted throughout the user guide) and creating the required business setup. Or the other option is to use the Assisted Setup(s).

Below we will explain the requirements for manually setting up the app. The first thing to do is to navigate to the Sales & Receivables Setup page.

Once on the page, go to the FastTab Number Series, and find a field called Promotion Nos.

This field needs to be populated should you want to allocate the No. given to each newly created promotion. Allocating a number series means that when you use functions such as; Copy Promotion it will use the No. Series stated in this field.

NB: A number series is not created as part of the app install, you will need to create an appropriate number series for promotion cards from the no. series list page or alternatively assign a number to each promotion manually as and when these are created.