Where a "Quality Order" has failed, this could be down to a few reasons:

Where all lines are ticked as Key Results:

  1. The results entered don't match the Target Result per line 
  2. The results entered are not on or within the Lower Limit and Upper limits.

Where all lines are not ticked as Key Results

The "Quality Order" in this instance will still calculate as a 'Pass' once results have been entered, despite them not meeting the target requirements. Hence it is very important to ensure this is ticked if you want the Calculated Result to calculate as a 'fail' in this instance. Where it remains unticked you have the option to use the Confirmed Result as either a 'Fail' or a 'Concession' to mark this as a failure. 


Failing the order

Open up the "Quality Order" that has been created. Dependant on whether this is a Pre-posting transaction or any other transaction will result in the Item No/Lot No/Serial No/Item Ledger Entry No information being visible in the "Quality Order" header. 

To enter the results, either click on the Number of Results entered on the line or click on Open Results in the ribbon. 

In the Result field, either type in the result or choose from the dropdown if the Result Type is 'Lookup' and close the screen. Do this for all of the "Quality Order" Lines. The Status field will update per line once the results are added to show whether these are a 'Fail' or 'Pass'. 

The Calculated Result field will remain blank until all results have been entered. Only by one of the lines failing and being marked as a Key Result will the Calculated Result be a 'Fail'. In the Confirmed Result field, from the dropdown confirm whether this is to be classed as a 'Concession' or a 'Fail'

If choosing 'Concession', select a Concession Reason Code from the dropdown. If 'Fail' is selected, this can remain blank.

If no scrap or rework is being done from this order, in the Quantity Failed field in the Quantities FastTab, confirm the amount that has failed. This should be the same quantity that is in the Quantity field and then Post the order. If reworking or scrapping the quantities, please go to their Menu Headings for more information.