Within the Clever Quality App, you have the ability to scrap Items.  If the Enable Scrap Field is Enabled, additional fields in the system become available which therefore allow the user to scrap items.  When this is Disabled, the function is switched off.

The Scrap Item No is a dropdown to the Item table.  Here, a new Item should be created which is the default Scrap item. This means that when an Item is scrapped from a Quality order, the adjustment of quantity will be removed from the existing item and added into the Item specified here. It is possible to store more than 1 Scrap Item by leaving this field blank, accessing an existing Item card and storing the Scrap item for this Item in the field on the Scrap Item No field below. You can do this against multiple items, confirming the Scrap Item to move its Quantity to once processed.


The Scrap Journal Template can be selected from the dropdown as well as the Scrap Journal Batch.  These are both used automatically when scrap is registered to populate the chosen journal line and post the adjustment. More information on this can be found in the Registering Scrap menu heading.