There are a couple of known issues in the Quality Control Addition which are logged as improvements/fixes for future releases. These are;

1) The Quality Rework Bin Code on the "Location" card within the Quality Management FastTab is not connected to anything, therefore serves no purpose. 

2) When scrapping an Item from a "Quality Order", there is no ability to identify which Bin is to be used to remove stock from. 

3) The 'Job Queue' Transaction Type on the "Quality Test Automation List" page cannot be marked as 'Active' which is required if a User wants to use this to process "Quality Orders". 

4) The Vendor Lot No and Production Date disappear from the line when entered in "Item Tracking Lines" when tabbed off. This only occurs where Clever MES is installed. 

5) The "Quality Check Values" page displays an unhelpful error when removing an option. This needs to be changed to make it clearer for the User what the issue is. 

6) There is no Serial Status Editable field on the Lot Tracking FastTab on "Quality Setup". This may be required, as the Lot No has the ability. 

7) The 'Manual' Transaction Type in "Quality Test Automation List" is obsolete and should be removed.