Within the Quality Control app, you have the ability to setup "Quality Teams". These are groups of users not individuals so a team could be responsible for a specific area or have just 1 team responsible for all. 

Using the Quality Control "Role Center", click in 'Setup' and select Quality Team. Create a 'New' entry, assign the Code you want to call the team and a Name that's easy to identify. 

Once done, with the line highlighted, click in Team Members in the ribbon and assign any Users in the dropdown for User ID you want to connect to this team. 


If you want to allow a User to pass a "Quality Order" as a 'Concession', than ensure those Users only are ticked within the Allow Concession header. 

For additional security, you can tick any users that require them to enter a Pin Code when they post a "Quality Order". This is to ensure that only authorised Users post results. If you want to do this for a User, tick the Pin Required box which will bring up a box to enter the Pin Code they must use. The Pin Code is then stored against that User in the "User Setup" table. Removing the need for the User to enter a Pin just requires the field to be un-ticked. The Pin code can be changed in the "User Setup" field by simply overtyping the number in there. 

Note - Any User with access to the User Setup page has the ability to override an existing Pin Code for ALL users so careful consideration around permissions of Users who can access this page should be considered.