ield on a "Quality Order" is editable and requires the user to select a Code to justify why the result of 'Concession' is acceptable. 

The purpose of a concession is for the user to confirm that the "Quality Order" hasn't passed its test based on the expected results, however as a Business, you want to continue using the stock it is connected to/pass the "Quality Order" in order to not delay anything further. 

First, create the unique Code and add the Description for the reason you want to use to stamp against the "Quality Order". You can use the tick boxes to confirm if these codes relate to Concessions, Rework or Scrap.


These "Concession Reason Codes" can be viewed per line for all "Complete Quality Orders" from your "Role Center" tile. 


Note - If a Code is changed for an existing entry, all the previously used Concession Reason Codes for completed "Quality Orders" will be overwritten, so if these are used for reporting, we advise a new CODE is used as opposed to editing an existing one.