The "Quality Test Automation" page is where the Tests (inclusive of the Checks you want to do within it) are registered against specific transactions in Business Central so that the system knows when to automatically generate a "Quality Order" in order for the tests to be done. Here you can also define how often these are to be generated and against what, using specific filters. 

You can access this page either from the Role Center via the 'Setup' tab in the ribbon, from the "Quality Setup" ribbon or simply searching for "Quality Automation Rules". This will open up the Quality Test Automation page. On a blank line, click into the Transaction Type field and select the point in which you want the "Quality Order" to generate. The options available are: 

Pre-posting (not related to Lot/Serial Numbers so do not have to be Item specific tests)

  1. 'Warehouse Receipt' 
  2. 'Warehouse Shipment'

Using one of these transaction types means the document cannot be posted until the "Quality Order" is posted.

Transactions that need to be linked to Lots/Serial No's

  1. 'Purchase Receipt'
  2. 'Sales Return'
  3. 'Transfer Receipt'
  4. 'Positive Adjustment'
  5. 'Reclassification'
  6. 'Production Output'
  7. 'Production Operation Completion'
  8. 'Assembly Output'
  9. 'Timed (Job Queue)'

This includes where Rework is required as this can only be done for Lot/Serial tracked items. 

Using these Transaction types means that the "Quality Order" will generate once the document is posted/received.

Once this is selected, the Transaction Sub-Type can be chosen from the dropdown but it is not always applicable. Enter the Description using up to 100 characters. This is to define what the Test is for as a summarised description. There are then Item, Customer, Vendor, Work Centre, Machine Center and Location filters that can be utilised per Transaction Type. By clicking into any of these fields and clicking on the 3 dots, enter the Code/No for the option you want to filter by. You can select multiple entries by using standard BC filtering techniques. 

In the Quality Test No field, select the "Quality Test" that is to be used as part of the "Quality Order" when this Transaction Type is being processed. You can only define 1 test here and it is Mandatory to be populated. In the Interval Type, in conjunction with the Interval Quantity, you can confirm the regularity of the test and how often a "Quality Order" needs to be raised. These are both mandatory fields. 

The Block Transaction field is applicable only for Pre-posting Transaction Types. Where this is unticked, the Warehouse Receipt/Warehouse Shipment would be generated and would require the Quality Order to be processed first. If the Confirmed Result of the Quality Order is Fail, the Quality Order is posted and the Warehouse document can be posted. If the Block Transaction is ticked, then when the Confirmed Result of the Order is Fail and Posted, the Warehouse Document cannot be posted due to a there being a connected Failed Quality Order. 


Pre-posting Transaction Types

'Every' and 'First' Interval Type relate to the Transaction Type for Pre-posting documents, so as an example, if the Transaction Type is 'Warehouse Receipt', the Interval Type is 'First' and the Interval Quantity is '3', than the first 3 "Warehouse Receipts" would create a "Quality order".

Where Interval Type is 'Every' and Interval Quantity is '3', it would be the first receipt than every 3rd "Warehouse Receipt" generated that would create a "Quality Order" and require results before posting. As an example:

Warehouse receipt 1 – Quality Order created

Warehouse receipt 2 – No Quality order created

Warehouse receipt 3 – No Quality Order created

Warehouse receipt 4 – Quality Order created


All other Transaction Types

Where Lot/Serial numbers are used, per Transaction type, the "Quality Order" will be raised per Lot/ Serial no dependant on the Interval Type and Interval Quantity. As an example, for Transaction type 'Purchase Receipts' where Interval Type is 'First' and Interval Quantity is '3', only the 1st 3 Lot/Serial Numbers (for that specific "Purchase Receipt") will have a "Quality Order" raised against them.

Purchase receipt 1

Lot/Serial 1 – Quality Order raised

Lot/Serial 2 – Quality Order raised

Lot/Serial 3 – Quality Order raised

Lot/Serial4 – No quality order

Where Interval Type is 'Every' and Interval Quantity is '3', the first then every 3rd Lot/Serial no on that specific "Purchase Receipt" will have a "Quality order" raised against them.

Purchase receipt 1

Lot/Serial 1 – Quality Order raised

Lot/Serial 2 – No quality order

Lot/Serial 3 – No quality order

Lot/Serial 4 – Quality Order raised

Populating the mandatory fields will then enable the Active tickbox to be editable. Only Active entries will raise "Quality Orders" automatically. You can have more than one active entry for the same Transaction Type where different Quality Tests are being used or where the same Quality Tests are being used but where different filters are applied.