Following on from Inbound and Outbound process we the move onto some internal ones. The next process down is Enquiries. Enquiries are small function which are lookups to other data. For instance, if a warehouse users needs to know where an item is within the warehouse they can use one of the functions to determine where it is just by scanning the correct barcode.

The Item Enquiry tile gives you information regarding an item. On selecting this function, the user will be prompted to enter Item No.

If the item exists in that location then you will be presented with data regarding that item. If it does not then you will be presented with an error message.

Users can view additional information relating to the item by click on the button highlighted above.

NB: What information is visible and which fields you want as prompted an addition are all done through the device enquires pages and the setup around that.

To go back to the Enquiries Menu, you then just select the back button at the bottom of your device screen.

The Bin Enquiry tile works a similar way to the Item Enquiry tile. On clicking it you will be prompted to enter the Bin Code.

The results presented will be in relation to items within the Bin code you entered.

By clicking on the Lot Enquiry tile, you are doing a lookup of items which have the lot number you have just scanned against them. Details including which bin and the quantity of the lot will also be included in the results . Similar information would be presented if you were to run the Serial Enquiry Function.