• Is there a limit to how many promotions I can have enabled?

No, you can have as many promotions enabled as you like. Obviously don’t have too many that your sales team don’t know what promotions you currently have. Make sure they are realistic to your business requirements.

  • How do I un-apply a Promotion Code? I know I can un-applying a Promotion

A Promotion code is linked to a promotion card. If you un- applying the promotion the code will also un-apply itself. In cases where a promotions code can be used for more than one use, it will free up that code to be used somewhere against another order.

You will see it no longer exists against the order.

  • How does a promotion get applied automatically?

When releasing the Sales Order, the promotion that best fits the criteria of it will be applied. If there are multiple Promotions that can be applied, it will use the order in which the promotions are displayed on the Promotions page to apply the correct one.

  • How can I see which promotions have been applied to the order if the order meets the criteria of more than one?

The sales order has a FactBox called Available Promotions all promotions that can be applied to the order will be visible in there. When a promotion gets applied the column labelled Applied will show Yes instead of No against it.

NB: From this FactBox, users can then click on that applied promotion and click on the Card button to see further details about the promotion and why it was applied to the order (criteria in which the order met).

  • I know the order meets the criteria, but it says there is nothing to apply?

Check that the promotion is enabled, in most cases the promotion has been disabled for it to be edited in some way. Other areas to check include the date in which the promotion is running from and to, although this setting is optional check you’re within that date range.

Also check the qualification criteria of the promotion, make sure your sales document has met the requirements especially when it comes to the value (£) of the order rather than the quantity.

  • How can I see sales which documents Promotion Codes have been applied to?

If you navigate to the screen Promotion Code Groups. From within your chosen Promotion Group Code card you can see a field called No of Uses against each code. You can drill into this figure to see which sales documents the codes have been applied to.