The create floor bins batch job is designed to make it easier to create a series or bins that will not be part of a rack and meet the definition of a Bin Code Format and reduce the time required to set up a new warehouse.

This option can be run by selecting the Create Floor Bins option from the ribbon if either the Location List/Card or the Zone List:

On selecting the action the user will be presented with the following dialog:

The dialog has the following fields that should be completed:

Bin Code Format The Bin Code Format that defines the structure of the bin coded. This will be defaulted from the Location Card.
Bin Template Code The Bin Template Code used to define the bin type.
No. of Floor Bins The number of floor bins to create
Floor Bin Starting Code The code of the first floor bin. This will be automatically formatted to meet the requirements of the Bin Code Format.
Increment Floor Bin by No. Determines the gap between generated bin codes. This defaults to 1. It can be amended to leave gaps for future warehouse re-organisation.