How to create a Buys One Get One Free promotion. In this example it will be applied to all customers who buy quantity 2 of a certain item. If that requirement is met, then they will get an item of quantity 1 free at 100% discount.

Create a Promotion Group code to encourage customers to buy more items to reap the benefits.

The Apply Promotion action will trigger Dynamics 365 Business Central to check through the enabled promotions on the system and see which ones are a fit for the combination of the customer and the items (and their quantity and values). It will then add them into the sales document where applicable, for example adding a line discount or an extra line giving a product free.

Our Clever Promotions app comes with an Assisted Setup, or a wizard as some people call it. The Assisted Setup enables you to create promotions using a simple step by step process.

The other side to applying a promotion is un-applying one. In most cases this is because the customer or the order lines no longer qualify for the promotion. Once un-applied any discounts, new lines or value changes will be removed, only leaving you with the original sales lines prior to the promotion.