Clever Shipment Management

Clever Shipment Management streamlines the process of how and when you ship or collect products.

Your warehouse plays a critical role in your customer service and ensuring they get their deliveries on time while minimizing your costs, is a must for any distribution.

Clever Shipment Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines shipping your products by working out the best way to dispatch, then managing the whole process via a single easy to understand screen.

Using the weight, volume and even value of the shipment, it looks at the country and postcode area for the delivery combined with the date it needs to be delivered and determines the best way for it to be shipped.

Using third party couriers? Clever Shipment Management knows who you need to use, to ship these items, to this area for this due date. If you have your own vehicles, it suggests which one it needs to go on and when.

Use Clever Shipment Management to:

  • Define the drop order in which shipments will be delivered, helping you to pick and load the vehicle in optimum ‘reverse drop’ order and giving a manifest for the shipments that can be used by a driver

  • Generate all the warehouse shipments, picks or make the required postings or print all the paperwork for all the shipments on that route, with just a single click.

  • It gives the ability to define different processes for different type of shipping and ensure they are easily but rigorously followed, every time by even your inexperienced people.

  • You get the ability to move any shipment between shipping agents or vehicles, even if it’s been assigned already

You can seamlessly enforce any checks needed to make sure every shipment is not just fully optimized but 100% correct.

If you want your warehouse shipment process to be as fast and organized as possible you need Clever Shipment Management.