The location statistics by warehouse employee page shows a summary of the total number of warehouse operations by type that have been performed by a warehouse employee during a date period. This information is useful for monitoring the performance of a warehouse location.

The location statistics screen can be accessed by selecting the Statistics by Warehouse Employee action from the Statistics group on the ribbon of the Location List or Card:

The statics screen shows rows for each warehouse employee utilised in the location.. The date bucket can be changed by amending the View By field on the option tab. The Date Filter shows the current date range being viewed. The previous or next date period can be viewed by selecting the Previous or Next actions from the ribbon:

There is a column for each type of warehouse activity. The numbers of activities can be viewed as the number in the date bucket or as a running total by amending the Net Change field. It is possible to drill down on the quantities to see a list of the warehouse documents that make up the figure.