When the "Compliance Documents" and "Vendor Compliance Documents" have been set up, any Vendors that do not require this check excluded and the Compliance Validator in the "Quality Setup" page has been changed to 'Compliance Validator (Version 1)' to turn the checks on, the Vendor Compliance Process can be used. 

The purpose of Vendor Compliance is to prohibit a User from releasing a "Purchase Order" where there is either no Vendor certificate stored or where the certificate has expired. 

Open up a "Purchase Order" where you have assigned them to a "Compliance Document" in the "Vendor Compliance Documents" table. 

Add some Item lines and 'Release' the order.  It is at this point that Business Central will perform a check, to see if this Vendor is first excluded (if it is, the release will work successfully). Where Exclude from Vendor Compliance is 'No' on the "Vendor Card", it will then check to see if they have an assignment in the "Vendor Compliance Documents" page. 

If there is no assignment for this Vendor, then an error will occur. 

If there is a Vendor line in the "Vendor Compliance Documents" page but the Certificate Expiry Date is either blank or the Expected Receipt Date on the "Purchase Order" exceeds the date in the Certificate Expiry Date field, than a different error will occur. 

A "Purchase Order" will only be able to be released when the Certificate Expiry Date exceeds (is dated after) the Expected Receipt date from the "Purchase Order". This ensures that the certificate is still valid by the time goods are delivered to you. 

Note that if you are using Items or Item category codes in the "Vendor Compliance Documents" page, Business Central will check for the Vendor No first, than the Item No and then the Item Category Code. Vendor No is always the top tier and is required as mandatory.

In the instance where I have a "Vendor Compliance Document" assigned to a Vendor No and an Item No, this means when the "Purchase Order" is created for the same Vendor No and includes ONLY the Item assigned on the "Vendor Compliance Document" page, it will release as long as the certificate is within date.

However, if within that "Purchase Order" is Item lines that are not entries against that Vendor No in the "Vendor Compliance Documents" page (because these items do not require certification), than the "Purchase Order" would error as it requires a valid certificate at Vendor Level. Therefore the below setup would be required, where I have an entry for Vendor No '20000' for Item No '1896-S' but I have another certificate entry stored for just the Vendor No '20000' so that when releasing a "Purchase Order" for all other items, it uses this entries Certificate Expiry Date

Role Center

Within the Quality Profile on the Role Center will display 3 tiles in relation to Vendor Compliance. These tiles can be clicked into to display the entries it relates to. 

Active documents will display a list of all entries in the "Vendor Compliance Documents" page that has Certificate Expiry Date populated and valid (i..e has not yet expired based on Today's date). 

The Documents Expiring Soon shows any "Vendor Compliance Documents" that will expire in the next 30 days, from Today's date. This gives Users a chance to chase the Vendor for a new certificate before it expires. 

Finally, the Expired Documents will always show in red and will open up a list of any "Vendor Compliance Documents" that have already expired, i..e they have exceeded Today's Date.