Aside from automated "Quality Orders", manual ones can be created via the "Lot No Information List", "Serial No Information list", "Item Card" and "Stockkeeping Unit".

Opening one of these screens in Business Central will display a Quality action in the Ribbon, allowing you to perform a whole host of actions from one place. Here, you can Create Quality Order once a line in the list page is selected which will open a Wizard for creating a Manual "Quality order". 

The Wizard screen will open and provide you with step by step assistance in creating a manual quality order, regardless of whether you're creating from the Item List, Stockkeeping Unit List or Lot or Serial No lists. 

To start this process, select NEXT in the above welcome screen and confirm the Description you want to use for the new Quality Order on the next screen. 

Clicking Next will take you to another screen to confirm the inventory you are creating a Manual "Quality Order" for. Here, everything by default is selected so you can utilise the Deselect All option to untick the Lot Nos/Serial No's and select just the ones you want to create "Quality Orders" for. 

Once you have confirmed the inventory you want to create "Quality Orders" for, press Next. Now you need to confirm what Quality test No you want Business Central to use for the inventory selected, so that it knows which Quality Checks to perform for it. From the dropdown, select the relevant Test. From the dropdown in the Quality Order Creation field, confirm whether you want the new "Quality Orders" to be created 'Per Item' or 'Per Serial/Lot No'. This works in the same way it does from the "Quality Automation Rules" and will simply create the "Quality Orders" either 'Per Item', so that if creating a manual Quality order from an Item card as an example, all of the selected Lot's/Serials in the previous screen will be added to 1 Quality Order to input the results for the Lots and Serials within the same order, or 'Per Serial/Lot No', so that for each Lot/Serial highlighted in the previous screen, a new Quality order will be created for each one. 

Once Next is clicked again, you have finished the wizard and can either Finish the process which will create the "Quality Orders" in the background, Finish and Open which will create them and take you to them immediately, or go Back to change your selections.