Within "Document Delivery Setup", you now have the functionality to set up documents that can be processed automatically, either immediately or via a job queue. This can occur either on the Release of a document or on Posting a document, dependant on which you are sending. This functionality not only saves the User time and makes the sending process more efficient but also eliminates the possibility of documents being forgotten.  

The Auto Send Document - Posting FastTab includes several document fields that can be pre-defined to confirm the method used to send documents. 

The column on the left shows you the documents which can be automated and require you to confirm the method you require these to be sent. Within each dropdown, you have 3 options:

'Blank' - No setup is defined

'Send' - The document will be immediately sent upon Release/Post and will show in the "Doc. Delivery Document Log" as Process Type 'Mail Send'.

'Queue' - The document will be placed into a queue via the Job Queue upon Release/Post and will show in the "Doc. Delivery Document Log" as Process Type 'Mail Queue'.

The Default columns on the right of the image above require you to confirm what "Document Type" will be sent at the point of processing. 

It is important to note that the Sales Order and Purchase Order are processed automatically upon 'Release' of the document, whilst the Posted Sales Invoice, Posted Sales Shipment and Remittance Advice are processed upon 'Posting'. So as an example using the image above, upon the 'release' of my "sales order" the Customer will automatically be sent the 'SO' Document Type related to their order. No manual process is required from the User. 

Auto Post functionality for Customer Statements

Also within the "Document Delivery Setup" page is a FastTab specifically for Customer Statements. Working alongside some additional setup, the User can choose an option from the Auto Send field that can be either 'Send' or 'Queue', where 'Send' will send the Customer Statement via a Job Queue to the specified Customer Email address dependant on its stored frequency. Where 'Queue' is chosen, the Auto Send Job Queue will process any Customer Statements where the frequency is met and place it in a Queue in the "Doc. Delivery Document Log", then using the Process Documents Job Queue recurrence to then send this out. 

The Statement Document Type requires the User to search for the "Document Type" for the Customer Statement to confirm the report that will be issued for this functionality.