Below the Receipt FastTab the next one along is the Warehouse Activities FastTab.

You will see two fields on this FastTab, based on activities that are assigned to users as they are served up on the devices to prevent them being assigned to others. The assignment is not permanent and has a timeout value to free the activity for another user after a certain amount of time has passed.

Soft-assignment occurs when the activity is first served up on the device but before any processing has occurred. If you are unsure, an arbitrary value of 20 minutes has been populated in Act. Soft-assignment (Mins) through the default configuration.

Hard-assignment occurs when processing starts against the activity. Even though the activity may still time-out and be freed for another user, a longer time limit may be desired. An arbitrary value of 120 minutes has been populated in the field Act. Hard-assignment (Mins) via the default configuration.


The other Field available on this FastTab is the Enforce Activity Bin Field.  This option works in conjunction with PICK Function and always you to define what action you would like to take if Users define a different Bin on a Device to the Expected Bin.  The options to select from are:

Allow - If you select this option then you can enter whatever Bin you want to.

Force Same Bin - The Device will display an error if the User specifies a Bin which is different to the Expected Bin.

Confirm Different Bin - The Device will show a warning message if the User specifies a Bin which is different to the Expected Bin and ask you to confirm that is the Bin you want to use.