As part of Clever Quality, we've also added in the functionality to store Vendor certificates in Business Central. Where a Certificate Expiry date is populated, when a Purchase Order is released, a check will automatically be done in the background, comparing the Expected Receipt Date of the lines on the "Purchase Order" to the stored Vendor Compliance Document. If the Expected Receipt Date falls after the Expiry date (so by this point, it would be classed as expired), the "Purchase Order" will error when trying to release the document. 

Therefore the concept of "Compliance Documents" within Clever Quality is to prohibit the release of a "Purchase Order" for goods where the Vendor certificate has expired.

When you click into the Compliance Documents option from the "Quality Setup" ribbon (or you can access this from the search bar), it will open up a screen like the example below. 

Here, you can use the +New option in the ribbon to create a new entry in the list. At this level, this is just a list of what Vendor Certificates you want to store and use for checking against within Business Central. If you already have an existing entry you can highlight the line and select Edit List instead to make changes to the line.

Create a new Code to confirm what the Certificate is and add a useful Description. If you wish, you can also add the URL from the webpage in case you need to refer to this regularly. 

Now that the Certificates you wish to store are setup, you can assign these to the Vendors. 

Vendor Compliance Documents

Highlighting a line on the "Compliance Documents" page and selecting the Vendor Compliance Documents action in the ribbon will take you to a new screen where you can add any Vendors that will use this document. 

The Compliance Doc. Code field is a look up to the Code from the "Compliance Documents" screen and once selected, will automatically pull through the Compliance Doc. Description. You will see the Vendor No. is marked as a Mandatory field so select the correct Vendor No. from the dropdown to specify the Vendor you are assigning the Compliance Document against. The Vendor Name will populate automatically after selecting the Vendor No. 

Note: If you choose to exclude a Vendor from the compliance check, you will not be able to see this Vendor from the Vendor No. dropdown as it is not possible to assign a "Compliance Document" to an Excluded Vendor. For more information on this process, refer to the Vendor Compliance Process article.

If you have a requirement whereby a specific Item needs to have its own unique "Compliance Document" for purchases, then you can also assign an Item No. If populated, this will mean that when a "Purchase Order" contains the allocated Vendor and Item on a "Purchase Line", the compliance check on release of the "Purchase Order" will check the validity of the specific Compliance Document. The Item Description will be populated automatically based on the selected Item No.

Where you have grouped your Items by Category and have a Compliance Document to cover the Category, you can choose to specify the Item Category Code instead, from which the Item Category Desc. field will be populated automatically. 

The Requested Date field is used to store the date the certificate in question was requested from the Vendor. This assists the User in keeping a record of what has been requested and when, which could be reported on using the filters from this page or alternatively from the Vendor Compliance Report.

Once the certificate has been received from the Vendor, the Certificate Date should be populated (either with the received date or the date on the certificate if applicable) along with the Certificate Reference which is usually found on the certificate itself. Finally, the Certificate Expiry Date must be populated, as this is the control date that is checked during the "Purchase Order" release process.

The physical copy of the Compliance Document can be stored in the system from the "Vendor Compliance Documents" screen using the "Doc. Links File Drop" Fact Box. With the relevant "Vendor Compliance Document" selected, simply drag and drop the relevant file into the Drop Zone within the Fact Box. This will then store and connect the certificate to the entry against the "Vendor Compliance Document".