Container Entries


This menu option can be used to view a list of all the transactions that Container has been assigned against.  It is similar to ledger entries used in standard Business Central and displays a complete history for that Container.


Tracking Entries


This menu option can be used to view a list of all the Posted Container Tracking Entries that Container has been assigned against.  These entries will be generated when the Container has been used to ship items to customers and will be based on the Container Tracking entries defined against Sales Orders and Warehouse Shipments.




This menu option displays basically the same information as the Contents FastTab and shows a list of all the items which are currently stored within that Container.


Assign SSCC No.


SSCC numbers (Serial Shipping Container Code) are used when sending out Shipments to your Customers.  The SSCC is a unique 18 digit serial number which contains your GS1 company prefix and will be used to identify each individual Container being shipped.  This is described in more detail in the Container Setup section.

This option can be used to assign a SSCC number to the Container.  It will be populated into the SSCC No. field on the General FastTab.

If a customer has then been setup with the SSCC Required field enabled and you are shipping items out to them in those Containers, then the number generated will be used when printing out SSCC Labels.  This is completed from the Posted Sales Shipment document.   


Container Label


This menu option can be used to print out a Container Label for the Container if required.  The report layout which will be used will be taken from the Container Setup Page.

NOTE - Container Labels may be automatically printed when posting Warehouse Receipts, depending on the option selected in the Container Setup Page.