If any of the documents you are processing via Clever Document Links contain a Barcode, then you can choose to subscribe to an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Service which will enable you to link them automatically to a record in Business Central.

OCR Service Information

The OCR Service that Clever Document Links integrates with is a Cloud OCR Service by ABBYY. Their website is:


You will need to sign up to the Service and obtain an ID and Password which will be used to authenticate the Service from within Business Central.

Recognised Image Types

The Barcode Image formats which can be used can be viewed here:


Recognised Barcode Types

The Barcode Types which can be used can be viewed here:


On the Document Links Setup page, there are two fields on the OCR Settings FastTab which will need to be populated with the ID and Password supplied by ABBYY.

To allow the uploaded document to be processed automatically via the OCR Service, you will need to define your required search criteria within the Document Links Search Fields page.