The main purpose of the "Sales Reorder List" is to display previously ordered items. However, It can also be used to promote other, un-ordered items, maximising the opportunity to upsell to your Customer. These items don't have to be on a physical promotion, it is simply a means of recording Items you want to appear on the "Sales Reorder list" in addition to the historic Items. 

In the search bar, find "Sales Item Inclusions" and open the screen. This will show a list similar to the below where you can log (against Customers), what Items you want to push, or promote to include them on their "Sales Reorder Lists". 

Either be selecting +New or Edit List in the ribbon, you can now create or change an entry in the list. For Sales Type, you have the options of 'Customer', 'Customer Price Group' or 'All Customers' to choose from so confirm which option you want to create an inclusion for. Once that is populated, enter in or choose from the dropdown the Sales Code this relates to (i.e. the individual Customer No or Customer Price Group Code). This is not applicable where you have selected 'All Customers'. 

Now you need to confirm what Item No you are creating the inclusion for. Adding this in will now mean when you open the "Sales Reorder List" for the Customer/s specified, you will always see this item on the list, regardless of whether they have previously purchased or not. If you wish, you can also use Variant Code as these can be viewed from the "Sales Reorder list" too. 

If you are wanting to only promote or show the Item used for a period of time, you can populate the Starting Date and/or Ending Date. Leaving both blank will ensure the Item is shown on the "Sales Reorder List" every time. Having them both populated will only show the Item on the "Sales Reorder list" when the Order Date on the "Sales Order" falls within the Starting and Ending Date. Finally, only populating 1 date will only show the Item on the "Sales reorder list" when the Order date used is either From (Starting) or To (Ending) the date.

If you wish to filter the list to only view specific data, you can utilise the filters in the General FastTab. 

Sales Type Filter will allow you to filter on the Sales Type populated in the lines, i..e where 'None' is specified, all entries will show in the "Sales Item Inclusions" list. You can therefore filter by 'Customer', 'Customer Price Group' or 'All Customers'.

Sales Code Filter will work against the Sales Code populated on the lines so you can then draw down even further to filter on a specific Customer/Price Group code. 

Additionally, you can filter using the Item No Filter for individual Item No's and by entering a Starting Date Filter as a date formula, i..e '12/12/2024'.

Adding Items as Inclusions can also be done directly from the "Customer List/card" and the "Item card". Accessing the inclusions list from either of these screens will show a pre-filtered view of the data either for entries only for that chosen Customer or Item.