When adding Items onto a Sales or Purchase Order or Invoice, it's possible that you wish to exclude an item from your rebates. This may be particularly useful if you are providing a special price to a Customer or Vendor and wish to exclude these special price items from the agreed rebate with them. 

In order to provide a solution for this, Clever Rebates has 2 functions available on both Orders and Invoices. Firstly, once you populate the Customer/Vendor No in the General FastTab of one of these documents, Business Central will search to see if there is an Active rebate with that allocation. If it finds any, it will display these in a Factbox like the below image. 

Secondly, as you start populating the Lines FastTab and get to an item you wish to exclude from the rebate, there is an additional column in the Lines FastTab that you can tick to Exclude from Rebate. Ticking any lines ensures that once the Invoice is posted, only lines that remained unticked and where they feature on an 'Active' rebate for that Customer/Vendor will produce "Rebate Entries".