Creating Interface Cards

Now we are going to configure the Interfaces Card for each of the different Shipping Agents that you wish to communicate with.  The easiest way to do this is to select the Get Default Interfaces Action which will create a record for all Shipping Agents currently implemented within the Clever Shipping Agent Integration App.

When you select this Action, the below Page will be displayed.  Select the CSAI - Clever Shipping Agent Integration option to automatically create the records.

If you open up an ‘Interface’ card after using the Get Default Interfaces Action, then the Fields will be automatically completed for you.

If you are setting up the Interfaces Card manually, then the Fields should be completed as described below:

On the General FastTab, enter in the Code and Name Fields with the Shipping Agent details.

On the Connectivity FastTab:

Use Test Endpoint

This Field can be used to switch between the Test and Production Endpoints.  When this is set to Yes, any messages will be sent to the Test Endpoint.

Platform Code

In this Field, select the required Platform Code for the Shipping Agent you are integrating with.

Platform Version

In this Field, select the Platform Version you want to use with this Platform Code.

The next step would be to populate the Parameter Values into the Parameters Table.  The values you enter in here will vary from Shipping Agent to Shipping Agent depending on what information they need you to supply.  This would include information such as User Name and Password etc. which the Agents will supply you with.  

If you have used the Get Default Interfaces Action, then the required Parameter Name values will be completed for you.  You will then just have to complete the Parameter Value fields.


Importing/Exporting Interfaces

If you have setup Interface Cards and the Parameters in an Environment, for example, in a Sandbox Environment for testing and then need to copy the configuration over to a Production Environment, then you can use the Export Interface and Import Interface Actions to do this.