Meal Deal

  • Buy any item within a group get another free (one customer only)

In this case the promotion benefit is a free item when the customer purchases any item within promotion item group “Monitor”.

Once you have created the promotion item group you can click on Process > Add items to add the relevant items into the Promotion Item Group, in this case I will filter by the item category code:

This has added all the items within this item category to the Promotion Item Group:

As you only want this promotion to be enabled for one customer you should select the sales type as Customer and entered the specific sales code on the customer tab of the promotion card.

The qualification criteria has been setup to grant a new line when a minimum quantity of any 1 item within the promotion item group “Monitor” has been entered on the sales document.

The promotion benefit is a new line on the order for a quantity of 1, for this allocate 100% -line discount.

Allow benefit multiplication has not been selected, this means the customer will only receive one free item even if they purchase more than the minimum quantity.

The resulting sales lines after the promotion has been applied show the promotion benefit has been added to the order with a 100%-line discount.

Discount on a Minimum Spend

  • Receive 10% off orders over £200 for a selected item discount group – for ALL customers

For this promotion you are offering all customers a set 10% discount for all items purchased within item discount group A when they spend a minimum of £200.

Therefore, my sales type is set to All Customers, and the criteria type is Minimum Amount at £200.

Also enter the specific item discount group you would like to associate with the benefit.

This will target all qualifying lines on the order for items within item discount group A and will generate a line discount of 10% when the promotion is applied to the order.

Code5: When you buy a certain Quantity

  • Customers within price group B have promotion codes for a further discount when purchasing a minimum quantity of an item.

In this instance you will be targeting a customer price group and offering a further discount when they purchase a minimum quantity of an item.

To do this firstly create a promotion code group and create a list of sequential codes which you can send out to all customers within customer price group B. (see Using Promotions codes on how to set these up).

These codes can then be used to obtain a 5% discount when the customer purchases a minimum quantity of 5 items.

As per the setup above you select the sales type and customer price group I want to aim the promotion at.

Granting the promotion benefit depends on the order lines meeting the qualification criteria which in this example must be a line for item 1000 at a minimum quantity of 5 and requires a promotion code from promotion group 5% to be applied.

Once the promotion code has been applied to the sales order go to: Functions > apply promotions for the benefit to show on the order. Below we can clearly see the promotion code applied to the document on the Document Promotions Codes FactBox and that the line has been updated with a 5% discount:

BOGOF: Buy One Get One Free

  • Free item after X amount minimum spend/minimum quantity.

Firstly, populate the general tab on the promotions card with your specific criteria, such as valid to and from dates etc. In this example these have been left blank to show the promotion is valid indefinitely and applies to my local currency as per the general ledger setup.

Benefit Multiplication has been enabled, which means that the BOGOF promotion will potentially be multiplied (so if the customer purchases more than one of the item they receive the same purchased quantity free).

To allocate who is eligible for the promotion fill in the Customer tab, in this example customers within Customer Price Group 001 will be presented with the promotion (should they be eligible)

It is at this point you can further restrict the target customers or open this benefit up to All.

To qualify for this promotion customers would have to purchase a minimum quantity of 10, they will then receive one free specified item at a discount of 100%.

To set this up populate the Qualification Criteria and Promotion Benefit tabs on my Promotions card as per below:

The Promotion Benefit details a new line will be added for item 1110 for a single quantity at a discount of 100%, providing the customer has met the qualifying criteria and purchased a minimum quantity of 10 units.

SALE25%: 25% on Item Discount Groups

  • An example using Promotion Codes

Promotional discount codes can be used by customers to receive a discount on individual items or the whole order depending on the benefit associated with the code.

There is the option of either allocating the codes to a promotion group or having an individual promotion code which is set on the Promotion card. Promotion group codes are used in cases where you send out multiple promotional codes to an X number of customers and want to contain the codes within a set group.

As per the setup below each promotional code can be used once only (Max no. of uses). After the code format has been specified I can go to Actions > Generate Codes and BC will create the number of codes automatically using the values in the Number and Type fields, this will then create 20 random number series codes.

This promotion group is linked to a newly created promotion card, targeted to all customers and the qualification criteria is set so this is granted when the Promotion Code Type of Group is SALE25%.

The benefit is applicable to all items within Promotion Item Group 25SALES and consists of giving a line discount of 25%.

In a similar way this can be modified to use an Item discount group rather than a promotion item group, this can be changed from the Benefit Target Item Type field:

You can also offer a flat discount Amount per line as opposed to a percentage if needed. This can be done by changing the discount type to Line Discount Amount, then specify the Amount you’d like to deduct in the Discount Amount field.

To manage the items within a promotion item group you can use the search tool to find the list view and then open each group code.

From the Promotion Item group card, you can add items to the group using the Add Items function under Process, and filter the item list per various fields such as item category code to find the items you’d like to add to the promotion group:

Item discount groups are set on the individual item cards.

Other benefit target types include cheapest and qualifying lines.

You can use a benefit target type of cheapest lines when you want the promotion to apply to the cheapest line on the sales document only, for example in cases where you would want to offer the cheapest line free or at a discounted amount. In the example below, the promotion has been set up to give a line discount of 100% for the cheapest line on the order to gift customers the cheapest line on their order. Similarly, this can be tweaked for offers such as buy one and get one half price, to do this you’d simply set the discount percentage at 50%.

When you use target the benefit at qualifying lines only, you have the option to either set up discount amount/percentage for lines that meet the qualification criteria of this promotion.

For example, for lines that qualify for the minimum amount or quantity you can discount the lines or offer these at a Set Price.

Below the promotion has been set up to give the item a set price of 100.00 when a quantity of 5 are purchased within the Promotion Item Group CHAIR.

If you also selected to allow Benefit Multiplication so that the discount is multiplied – not just given on the first 5 purchased.

For example, if the customer were to order a quantity of 10 these would be offered at a set price of £100, the benefit has been multiplied.