Non-Conformance sources are required when creating Non Conformances (NCR's) within Business Central. Usually these are used to store and define issues that have occured in order for short and long term resolutions to be documented. They can be used both in conjunction with Quality Orders and on their own. 

"Non-Conformance Sources" is a mandatory field on all Non Conformance records so pre-defining them is key.

On the "Non-Conformance Sources" page, enter a 20 character Code as well as a Description regarding what the Source is. This could be something like what Department is responsible for the Non-Conformance or the area in which it occured as an example. 

As well as a Source, Non conformances also require a Category and Sub-Category Codes. These can be set up here. The Source Code isn't connected to anything else in the process, it is simply used as a means of reporting.