Before you start using Clever Comments it is recommended to complete the Comments Setup Page.

When installing on a SaaS environment you will be automatically prompted to complete the setup on install of the app. Alternatively the setup can be accessed from either the Assisted Setup page of by searching for Comments Setup.

Once within the setup page you can access other setup pages related to Clever Comments from the Setup action:

This will allow you to open the pages for creating Comment Types and Standard Comments.

By running the Default Configuration action, a set of basic Comment Types for regularly used comment scenarios are populated into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.  Alternatively you can choose to set these up manually:

If existing comments are yet to be converted to the new format required by Clever Comments you will also see an action to upgrade comments. See Upgrading Existing Comments for more information.

Within the setup screen itself you can optionally enable some additional functionality for Clever Comments:

In the general section, you may set Comment Type Mandatory. This can be useful if you want to enforce that a comment type is selected when creating a new comment, to ensure inheritance rules are applied. 

Note: The Comment Type Mandatory setting only applies if there are Comment Types configured for system area the comment is being entered for.