The Routes Drops Map can be viewed from the Shipment Management Route Card and shows all drops on the route plotted on a map. This quickly and visually allows the planner to see where the drop on the route are in relation to each other.

Selecting this option opens a new page showing a map of the drops on the currently selected route.

Clicking on a drop marker will display information about the drop, including the name of the consignee, and the drop number. 

From here select Drop to view full information about the drop or Move to move the selected drop to another Route (existing or new).

Note: If the route is currently at a status where drops can no longer be moved, then the Move option will be hidden.

There are some additional options on the ribbon to control what is displayed on the map. You may select the style of map.

Note: Street Side is only available in some countries and Ordnance Survey is only available in the United Kingdom.