If a user selects the Receiving tile on the main menu, they will be presented with the below Menu.

Receipt includes the receipting of goods arriving in the warehouse and then Put-away is when the items have been receipted and they can be put-away.

NB: Each sub menu has a back option which takes the user back to the main menu. The number in the records on the Receiving button indicates how many sub processes there are within this function.



The Receipt Function allows the device to receipt goods into the warehouse like a user would do in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. By running this process through the device, it will cut out the need for Goods in documents allowing users to directly updated the receipt lines of the purchase order directly.

The number indicated next to the receipt button highlights to the user based on the location they are in (indicated at the top of the device) how many receipts need to be actioned, if the location is changed then a different number would appear.

After the receipt tile has been selected the device will prompt the user to enter the Warehouse Receipt Arrivals number that you want to receipt – this will be the Warehouse Receipt Number

On entering the Warehouse Receipt number, you will be prompted to enter the Item No. This will be an item on receipt. If your item is Lot or Serial tracked you will also be prompted to enter this bit of data

NB: If you scan in an item that is not on the receipt you will be presented with an error indicating that the item you are trying to receipt in does not belong on this receipt.

If the correct item has been scanned or entered you will then be presented with the details relating to the receipt line, including how much the purchase order says should be receipted in.

A prompt to enter the Qty to Receive , will then allow the user to say how much of the receipt line they want to physically receipt in (based on how much has been delivered to them) if the full amount has ben delivered they will type in the amount suggested on the device if it is under they can also do that it is known as a partial receipt.

Once the quantity has been entered the user will then be presented with a post button at the bottom of the screen. All data relating to the receipt line will show about including quantity they typed in to receive. If they are happy with everything they simply click the Post button. This will then post the receipt line and give the user the option to receipt another receipt line , or they can go back and use another function.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the line you have just posted will disappear off the Warehouse Receipt creating a Posted Whse. Receipt. Your posted Whse Receipt document will either be for the full amount or for the partial amount.

If it was is for a partial amount then on the Warehouse Receipt the line will still be visible however the Qty. Received will populate with the quantity you just posted leaving an outstanding amount in the Qty. to Receive field.

NB: You can also scan the barcode instead of entering the numbers in manually. If a barcode contains multiple pieces of information, then some steps will be skipped as the system will extract all the date from the single scan.

The flexibility of our app means there is more than one way in which you might want to process receipts into your warehouse. Standard device functions also include Receipt By Item & Receipt By Vendor. These options aren’t visible on the device menus by default but can be added if you prefer to receipt using one of these options instead.

Receipt By Item

If this tile is selected the first prompt you will be asked is to scan in the Item No, if it exists on any receipt created for that location (the location you are in on the device) you will then be asked to select which Purchase Order you are working on.

You can click on the additional button next to each document shown to see additional fields which help you in determining which Purchase order the item belongs to. Once selected you will carry on receipting as normal populating the Qty to Receive and the posting when prompted.

Receipt By Vendor

Selecting the tile Receipt by Vendor will first prompt the user to input the Buy- from Vendor No. like the Receipt by Item function you will then be asked which document you will be receipting against.

Once selected you will carry on the receipt process as previously described scanning the Item No when promoted and entering the Qty. to Handle before posting the receipt line.


The second tile in the Receiving menu, is the Put-away tile. The tile allows a user to put-away goods in a warehouse. A put away is created when the receipt lines are posted. However, this will only happen if on the location card you have Require Put-away enabled.

To complete a Put-away using the Clever WMS Devices, the user must first scan the barcode of that Item you want to put-away , this will bring up information regarding that item.

The details on the screen will relate to the first warehouse activity line linked to that item, this may not be the put away that you are working on - don’t panic!

Once you have entered the Qty. to Handle, so how much of that item you plan on moving within the warehouse, you will then be asked to verify which purchase order you are working on.

NB: If a specific barcode was printed relating to the purchase order then this question will not be asked.

The user will then be prompted for the Place Bin Code, the place bin is visible on the screen, however the user can choose to change where the stock will be placed. Once this has been confirmed, the user can select Post. After this has been completed, the user will be taken back to the item page, where they can choose to enter another item, or select close to return to the Main Menu.

Container Put-Away

The ‘Container Put-Away’ function works in a similar way to the standard ‘Put-away’ function, but it can be used when you are also using the ‘Clever Container’ App.

The ‘Container Put-Away’ Function should be used in situations where you want to process all the put-away lines for the same Container in one transaction.

Note – When using the ‘Container Put-Away’ Function, all put-away lines must be on a single Warehouse Activity document. It cannot be used if the same Container number is used on multiple documents.

The ‘Container Put-Away’ Function is located under the ‘Receipt’ section on the Handheld device.

In this example, we are going to process all the put-away lines for Container No PAL-00051.

When you select the ‘Container Put-Away’ option on the Handheld device, you should populate the ‘Container No’ field with the Container you would like to process the put-away lines for.

After confirming the ‘Container No’, you will then need to define the ‘Place Bin’ but you won’t have to scan in each of the items individually, as you would with a standard put-away, as the system will already know which items it is going to put-away based on the selected Container.

You can then post the ‘Container Put-Away’.

Once complete, all items on the put-away lines associated to that Container number will be automatically moved into the selected Bin and Container.

Taking a Photo

NB: This functionality only works with Android devices.

During the receipt process there is an option to capture a photo. You may use this functionality when goods are damaged, so you need to take a photo in order to explain why the quantity of an item may not have been received in.

The option to take a photo will only appear once the Source Document (Purchase Order) has been scanned or selected and the item has been scanned.

You will see an options box appear at the bottom of the screen. If you click on it you will be presented with a screen with two functions. One labeled Take Photo and the other is Back.

The Take Photo function will use your devices camera functionality to take a picture.  Once completed, you will be taken back to the receipt process to continue receipting in your item.

NB: You can take multiple pictures for one receipt line. You can either take it before you input the quantity to handle, however there is an opportunity before you post to also take a picture if required.

If you click Back you will simply be taken back to the receipt process.

The pictures will be stored against the Posted Purchase Receipt Lines as an Attachment and can be viewed by looking at the Purchase Receipt Line FactBox.

You can drill into the figure and view the actual images taken, including details such as when they were taken (Attached Date) and by which User (Warehouse Employee).