In order to use Clever Shipment Management it is important that a location (referred to as a Depot in PODFather) exists and is cross-referenced between the two systems. In order to facilitate this new actions have been added to the Location List and Location Card.

Note: The actions shown on the Location List and Location Card relating to PODFather are only visible if the PODFather integration has been enabled for the Microsoft Business Central company.

On the Location List:

On the Location Card:

  • Synchronises Selected Location (Location List) and Synchronise with PODFather (Location Card) - Creates the current Location as a Depot in PODFather, if it does not already exist, or updates the Depot in PODFather if it is already linked. The Location must not be set as In-Transit.
  • Synchronise All Locations (Location List)- Creates any Locations (Excluding those marked as In-Transit) as Depots in PODFather if they do not already exist or updates any Depots in PODFather that are already linked. 
  • Link Selected Location to Existing PODFather Depot (Location List) and Link to existing PODFather Depot (Location Card) - These options allow an existing Depot in PODFather to be associated with a location. This is useful if depots exist in PODFather prior to enabling the integration. Selecting this action will display a list of all Depots that currently exist in PODFather: 

Choose a Depot and select OK to associate the PODFather Depot and the selected Location or Cancel to abandon the change.

Note: If a Location is used in association with PODFather then the following additional fields on the Location Card become mandatory:

  • Address
  • City
  • Post Code