Once Shipment Management has been installed, the first thing to do is to navigate to the Shipment Management Setup Page.  This Page is where all the general Shipment Management options are defined.

To quickly setup Shipment Management, you can use the Default Configuration option under the Actions option on the Ribbon.  Please refer to this Page for more information Default Configuration

This will populate the settings with a basic standard configuration, however it is recommended you review this section of the user guide in full to set up Shipment Management to fully meet your requirements. 


The Assisted Setup option can be selected in order to open up Clever Shipment Management Assisted Setup Wizard.  The purpose of the Wizard is to guide you through the whole Configuration process and make it quick and easy to set and use Clever Shipment Management


From the Shipment Management Setup Page, you can use the Setup option on the Ribbon to quickly access all the various setup Pages in one place rather than having to search for them individually.

The following articles in this section of the guide will review the various Tabs and Actions on this Page.