Clever Document Links

Ever wished you could store any file, email, image, spreadsheet, drawing or document directly in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system with just a drag and drop?

With Clever Document Links and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central now you can. Clever Document Links adds that capability to all of the master records and transactions.

That means that the emailed purchase order can be dropped onto a sales order, an account application form can be stored against the customer or vendor, on the item you can hold any product information, images, drawing, costing or anything else you need.

Clever Document Links knows how the transactions work within Dynamics 365 Business Central so the link to that purchase authorisation email, dropped against you sales document is passed through resulting invoices to the customer ledger entry so it only a click away for your credit controller when they later are chasing the debt.

Clever Document Links:

  • Can be setup to control who can remove documents, which eliminates the potential risk of accidental or malicious deletion of key business records.

  • Clever Document Links can use an OCR service is used to recognize data that includes bar codes and then suggests a match to the right transaction within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

  • Only stores the file once but links to it from all the resulting transactions, the required storage, which can be in SharePoint or in your Dynamics 365 Business Central database, is as efficient as possible.

Clever Document Links makes the filing of any data against your Dynamics 365 Business Central data seamless, quick and simple.

Once used you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.