The "Quality Order" card contains a lot of information, some which will be auto-populated if generating from a Transaction Type or will default blank and require data. Below outlines the information it holds. 

General FastTab

The No field will be updated automatically when using Default "No Series". Populate manually if not.

The Description field will auto-populate with the description from the "Quality Test" that is being used against it's related Quality Test No. It will be blank if creating manually. 

Date Created and Time Created are generated automatically using Todays date and time which are un-editable. The Quality Test No is the Test No to be used for this "Quality Order". If creating manually, this can be selected from the dropdown. Where the Order is created automatically, it is pulled from the "Quality Test Automations" page . The Quality Test Version No and Quality Team Responsible fields are pulled directly from the Test Card. The Assigned To field can be used to assign this "Quality Order" to a member of the stated Team.

The Document No will populate if the order is created automatically and will display the Document No it was made from, i.e. if created from a "Warehouse Receipt", than this will be the Warehouse Receipt No


Item FastTab

The Item FastTab is only used in the instance of manual quality orders or automatic ones where the Transaction Type was not 'Warehouse Receipt' or 'Warehouse Shipment'. Where it is used, fields will be editable. 

The Item No will be used to select the Item No you want to do a Quality check for. Here you can also assign the Variant Code, Item Ledger Entry No, Lot No and Serial No where relevant. The Location Code will signify the location the goods are currently located based on the "Item Ledger Entries" and will be populated if the Item Ledger Entry No is stated. The Customer No/Vendor No fields will be populated once this is chosen based on whether the Item Ledger Entry is Purchase/sales related. Finally the Tracking Code Status will populate once the Item Ledger entry No is inputted and is pulled from the "Quality Test". 

Note - When creating a manual order and populating the Item Ledger Entry No, it will change the status on the Lot/Serial No Information List card. For example, if creating a manual order for a Blocked Lot, it will unblock it once added to the Quality Order because it is now in use. Due to this, if for whatever reason you remove the Item Ledger Entry No on the Quality Card, an error will appear advising you that the Tracking Status has been changed therefore it is required to manually open the Lot/Serial on the Lot/Serial No Information list and change it back. 

Quantities FastTab

The Quantity field is used to confirm the quantity of stock you are processing in the "Quality Order". If an Item Ledger Entry No is used, the Quantity field will be populated from that. The Quantity to Scrap field requires the user to populate with the amount they want to scrap & is used in conjunction with the Register Scrap option in the Ribbon. When this is done, the Quantity is then populated in the Quantity Scrapped field. More information on this can be found in the Registering Scrap menu heading. 

The Quantity to Rework field works similarly, so the Quantity you want to rework needs to be filled out here and used in conjunction with the Create Rework Order option in the ribbon. Once this has been done, the Quantity Reworked field will be populated. For more information on these, check out the Rework Orders menu heading. 

The remaining fields relate to the results that are posted. Quantity Passed will be updated when the Calculated Result field is populated with 'Pass'. To see how orders are passed, read the next heading, Passing the Quality Order. Quantity Failed will be populated when the Calculated Result field is 'Fail'. For more information on how to fail "Quality Orders", read the menu heading, Failing the Quality Order. The Calculated Result is based on the results entered against the Quality Order Line and is non-editable. The Confirmed Result requires a User to confirm the result of the "Quality Order" from the dropdown. The options available are: 'Pass', 'Fail', and 'Concession'. Finally the Concession Reason Code field requires a User to choose a code from the dropdown which can then be reported on to confirm the reason why the order was marked as a concession. 


The remaining 2 options in the ribbon that are not mentioned above are the Post option which will post the "Quality Order" once the results are populated and there is a Confirmed Result. In addition to this, there is a Take Picture option. This is compatible with "Clever Document Links" and "Clever Config" is required so can only be utilised if the customer has this installed. In the instance the clever config is not set up correctly, when clicking on the Take Picture, you may get this error:

To turn this on, enable the HttpClient Request toggle via "Extension Management", finding the "Clever Config" application and clicking into it. If the "Document Links setup" doesn't exist you will get another error confirming you cannot use this feature. If this is setup, clicking on Take a Picture will open up the camera linked to the computer in use and give the User the ability to take a photo of what's been tested on the "Quality Order". Once the photo is added, it is accessible from the Doc Links File drop Factbox on the "Quality Order". The file attachment is saved using the file name of 'Quality Order No', 'Date' and 'Time'.