The "Quality Order" card contains a lot of information. Below outlines the information it holds. 

General FastTab

The No field will be updated automatically when using Default "No Series". Populate manually if not.

The Description field will auto-populate with the description from the "Quality Test" that is being used against its related Quality Test No.

Date Created and Time Created are generated automatically using Todays date and time which are un-editable. The Quality Test No is the Test No to be used for this "Quality Order", pulled from the "Quality Automation Rule" page.  The Quality Test Version No and Quality Team Responsible fields are pulled directly from the Test Card.

Where a Location is populated on the source document (i..e the Transaction Type that triggered the creation of the "Quality Order"), the Location field in this FastTab will pull this across too, as well as the Source Document Type (confirming the document that triggered the "Quality Order"), the Source Document No (the specific document reference), along with the Source Type (whether this is against a 'Vendor' or 'Customer'), their reference in Business Central (Source No) and their Source Name. All of this is here to provide visibility on how this Order has been created, where from and for who. 

As the Quality Team Responsible is populated from the "Quality Test", this remains un-editable but you can use the Assigned To field to assign the "Quality Order" to a specific "Team Member" should you wish to. 

By default, the Retest action is greyed out showing 'No'. This is used to show if the "Quality Order" has been created as part of a re-test. A re-test is a Failure Response when dealing with failed "Quality Orders", so these are covered in more detail within a later article. 

Finally, the Posting Date will show the date the results are posted and the Status field will either show as 'New' where no results have been posted, 'Complete' where results have been recorded or 'On Hold' if the "Quality Order" has been held. 

Item FastTab

The Item FastTab contains the fields that relate to the Item, Lot Number or Serial Number. Where using 'Pre-posted' documents such as 'Warehouse Receipts' or 'Warehouse Shipments' or 'Timed (Job Queue)' Transaction Types in the "Quality Automation Rules", these fields will all be un-used as the data is irrelevant for those types of tests. Therefore they will always populate with no data. 

For all other Transaction Types, the Item No will be populated with the Item No you are doing the Quality check for. Again, the Item Description, Variant Code, Unit of Measure Code and Quantity are all pulled from the original Source Document and be relevant for the check you're about to perform. The Quantity in this instance is the full qty from the Source Document. Also displayed here are the Lot No or Serial No for the Item. Note - these fields will only populate where the Quality Order Creation field on the "Quality Automation Rules" is 'Per Serial/Lot No'. This is because in this scenario, the "Quality Order" is for the individual Lot No/Serial No so that 1 Code can be stamped against the Lot No or Serial No fields on the "Quality Order". However, if your "Quality Orders" are being created 'Per Item', this could result in multiple Lot Numbers or Serial Numbers being used on the Source Document so the fields on the "Quality Order" remain blank in this instance. Also in this instance where using 'Per Serial/Lot No' on the "Quality Automation Rule", if you are tracking Expiry dates against the Lot/Serial numbers, this would show in the Expiration Date field. 

Test Quantities FastTab

Within this section are the values that are to be tested or have had results posted against them. In the instance where you have set sample requirements in the "Quality Automation Rules", the amount you are sampling per Item or Lot/Serial No may be different to the full quantity so the Sample Qty field will display the quantity that is being tested on this "Quality Order".  In the instance of doing a "Quality Order" for 'Pre-posted' Transaction Types ('Warehouse Receipt', 'Warehouse Shipment' or 'Timed (Job Queue))', the Sample Qty will always read as '1' and cannot be changed.  

Initially, this will be the only field that will contain data within this FastTab as the other fields will be populated once results are entered, however once results have been recorded, the values are automatically added in. Qty Tested will show the qty that has had Test results added. In the instance where you have multiple Lot/Serial Numbers against 1 Item on a "Quality Order", this is useful to show what has been tested versus what remains to be tested. In the example below, you can see I have this scenario, with each Lot Number for the qty of '6' as posted from my Source Document, so whilst my total Sample Qty will be for '12', because results have only been entered for one of the Lot Numbers, the Qty Tested shows just '6'. 

In the above, you can also see how the data in the Qty Passed field will display. Where Test results are entered that meet your Target Result (or within the Upper and Lower Limits), the qty will be added here in green if they pass. Similarly, if results are entered that result in a 'Fail', the qty for that will be displayed on the Qty Failed field, this time in red. 

If using Concessions, when you enter Test results that result in a 'Fail', you have the ability to record the result as a 'Concession'. When this is done, the qty from the Qty Failed will be removed automatically from the "Quality Order" card and update the Qty with Concessions field with the qty instead. This is also displayed in red font as below.

As part of Failure Responses within the "Quality Order" ribbon, you have the ability to Scrap goods, rework them via a Production or Assembly Order, return them via a "Purchase Return Order" or put them onto a "Transfer Order". Therefore if these actions are taken, the associated qty (whether it be the failed qty or the full qty) will be added into the relevant field. More on this is covered in the Failing Quality Orders header. 

Lines FastTab

Within the headers of the Lines FastTab is an Instructions button. This can be selected within the "Quality Order" to show more information about the highlighted Check Code for details on how to perform the check.  

The Lines FastTab consists information about what checks need to be done and is the place to record the results. The Description will detail the Description from the "Quality Check Codes" page, which should give enough information about what check should be performed. The Unit of Measure Code and Unit of Measure fields will detail how the check will be measured based on your setup. The User will know how many results are to be entered per Check by the value shown in the No of Results Required field and the Result Type will tell them how the data should be recorded (for example, in the image above, the test result should be a 'Numeric' value the User should enter). 

Where the Optional flag is ticked, this classes the whole line as 'Optional', which means it is possible for the User to post the "Quality Order" as a 'Pass' without a result entered for this check. Finally you will either get a Results column or one for the Lot or Serial Number to enter the results ('Pre-posted' Transaction Types will show the column called Results, all other Transaction Types have to be Lot or Serial tracked in which case the column will refer to the specific Lot or Serial Number). 

Example of how the final column in the Lines FastTab could appear depending on your setup and what the "Quality Order" is checking. 

The Overall Result for the checks will confirm the status of them, i..e whether they currently are 'Not tested', 'Pass' or 'Fail'. If you change the 'Fail' to 'Concession' then this could be stated here also. Finally, the last status this could show is 'Test Incomplete' where you have more than 1 check in the "Quality Order" to perform and not all of them have had results entered. 

In the Results/Lot No/Serial No column within the lines fasttab, you can enter in the results for the check. Clicking onto the line highlighted in red below will open up the Test results screen. How to enter the results and the actions that can be done on that page can be found here

Signature FastTab

This fastTab will only appear where you have Signature Required as 'yes' on the associated "Quality Test". 

Where this is 'yes', the fields below will be shown on the "Quality Order" with un-editable fields for the Signature Name and Signature Date. Before the "Quality Order" can be posted, the signature must be added by the User performing the checks via an option in the ribbon. When this is done, the signature will then be visible within the FastTab along with the stamped User name and date. When a "Quality Order" does not require a signature, both the FastTab and the option in the ribbon will be hidden. 


As Clever Quality has a dependency on Clever Document Links, it is embedded and can be used throughout this app. You will therefore see on the Factbox on the "Quality Order" how you can drag and drop any document to store against this "Quality Order".  

Here, you will also see the Target Results where Blind test on your "Quality Test" is 'No'. This enables the user performing the checks to see what the expected result is. Where you have Blind Test as 'Yes' on the "Quality Test", this section will be hidden.