The next thing to set up is your Credit Controllers. These are users that have the permission to release documents from the "Credit Held List". They can be created manually or via the Assisted Setup page.

Manual creation is done from the "Credit Controller List", located through the search. Each Credit Controller can be assigned a unique Code and is linked to their BC User account (login account). Here you can also enter a Credit Held Rel. Limit (LCY) which will store the maximum value the Credit Controller can release an order of. Alternatively ticking the Credit Held Rel. Unlimited option will give the User unlimited releasing privileges meaning that regardless of Document value, the Credit Controller is approved to release them. 

From the "Credit Controllers List" page, you will notice a field called No. of Customers. This details to a user how many customers are assigned to that Credit Controller. You can drill down into this field and see the specific customers assigned to them.

Assigning customers to a Credit Controller is done using the Assign Customers button on the ribbon of the page. In this page you can select a single customer at a time so that when OK is pressed, that Customer will be assigned to the User selected on the "Credit Controller List" page. You are also able to select multiple customers using standard Business Central Select More functionality. Assigning customers to the Credit Controller allows them to check their Credit Status and chase when necessary.

You can also select Reassign Customers if you need to transfer some customers to another Credit Controller. The below screen will open when selecting Reassign Customers in the ribbon. In the From field, populate this from the dropdown with the User you want to move the assignment from. Then, in the To field, select the User you want to assign the customers to. If you want to move selected Customers, you can add in a Customer filter or else leave it blank to move ALL customers where the From User is assigned, changing them to be assigned to the User populated in the To field. You can either do this immediately by pressing OK or click Schedule to do this via a Job Queue at a later time or date. 

The last field on the "Credit Controller List" page is the Credit Controller Filter. The purpose of this field is to assist with reporting both in the "Clever Credit" page and the Role Center Cue's. It does not impact the Credit Controllers release limit or what Customers it has assigned to it. Where it is blank, the No of Customers data is used as the default based on what information is accessible to you as a User. Where it is populated, the User in the Credit Controller Filter filter takes precedence over the No of Customers when viewing the entries in the "Clever Credit" page and the cue's. 

In the below example, I have 2 Credit Controllers setup. My User ID is 'Admin' so the code for anything I can release is also 'Admin'. I have 2 customers assigned to me, Customers '10000' and '20000'. The Code 'Test User' is assigned to customer '40000'.  

As the 'Admin' User, any Credit Held Document can be released as the Credit Held Rel. Unlimited field has been set. If the Credit Controller Filter is blank, the Customers '10000' and '20000' (who have been assigned to the 'Admin' user) will be shown on the "Credit Control Status" screen and the Role Center Cues will be representative of these Customers. Read the Role Center details for more information on how to use the Cues. 

Example: where the Credit Controller filter is blank the assigned Customers are shown on the Credit Control Status screen

However, if the Credit Controller Filter with the Code for another Credit Controller, in this instance 'Test User' is set, whilst what I can release does not change, the information that I can see on the "Credit Control Status" Page and Role Center Cues will show the data for the Customers assigned to 'Test User'.

Therefore this fields purpose is to change the data that you can view and report on. This may be useful in instances where you as a Credit Controller Manager may want to be able to release credit held documents but report on the values for different Credit Controllers.