The easiest method of using Clever document Links is to drag a file onto the Document Links facybox that is available on the majority of List and Card pages in Microsoft Business Central.

The factbox can operate in two modes:

  • Compressed - The factbox contains a drop zone and the number of document links for the currently selected record.
  • Expanded - The factbox contains a drop zone and a list of files linked with the currently selected record.

The compressed factbox can be seen below:

This can be expanded to show the file list by selecting the Show File List action:

The expanded factbox can be seen below:

This can be compressed to take up less room by selecting the Hide File List action:

Note: The initial state of the factbox is determined by the Initial Factbox State field on the Document Links Setup page. If this is amended on any page the previous state will be remembered per page/user combination.

To add a document to attach to that record simply drag documents from a file location into the Drop Zone. If successful you will see a tick in the FactBox and your document will then be attached to the record.

Alternatively, you can use the Upload option.

This will display a dialog to allow you to select and attach a file.

You can import a variety of document types into Clever document Links, such as PDF, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel documents, photographs, diagrams and e-mails.

If your device has a camera, it is also possible to use the device camera to take a photo and automatically import as a document link. To activate your device's camera select the Take Picture action:

Note: If your device is not equipped with a camera then this option will be hidden.

If you are using the factbox in the expanded state you will see a list of files associated with the current record. You can download a file by clicking on the file name or using the Download action:

You can see more information about a file by selecting the Information action:

If you are using the factbox in the compressed state then you can view the files associated by clicking on the No. of Links field, his will show the following dialog:

This shows a list of files (newest first by default) alongside the Creation Date Time, Created By User and the No. of Attributes.

You can download a file by clicking on the file name or selecting the Download action:

For certain file types (such as photographs and diagrams) the File Preview factbox will show a preview of the file so it can be seen without having to download the file.

You can see the list of Document Attributes from the Document Attributes factbox. You can amend or add additional attributes by clicking on the No. of Attributes field or by selecting the Attributes action:

You can see other records linked with the document by selecting the Linked Documents action:

You can remove a document link by selecting the remove action:

The list of current pages supported by the document links factbox can be viewed here.