When using Clever Shipment Management in conjunction with PODFather, additional functionality allows route planners to simply view the progress of a route/drop from within Business Central.

On the drop section of the route card two new fields are visible with the PODFather integration enabled:

Delivery Status: Shows the current delivery status in PODFather for the drop.

ETA: Shows the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for the drop as calculated and updated in PODFather.  

Note: In order to for these fields to be regular updated it is necessary to have enabled the Job Queue function to poll PODFather for status updates. 

There are also two new Menu Options:

The Live Tracking action will display the real-time status of the route and last recorded position of the driver along with the current status and estimated time of the drop. This option display information for PODFather in real-time and does not require updates to be returned from PODFather. 

The Drop Status Log shows a list of status updates from PODFather along with a date/time stamp.