When using the Clever Attributes App, attribute values can be entered directly on the Output Journal or the Production Journal, depending on where you are posting the Routing entries from.  

If the attribute values you want to populate are not one of the five shortcut attributes, then they can also be defined by selecting Related > Line > Clever Attributes and entering them there instead.

When the Output/Production Journal is posted for an Operation, the attribute values entered will be recorded against the Capacity Ledger Entries that are created.  

Note - The attribute values defined against an Operation will be automatically "rolled up" from the previous Operation at the point of entry.  For example, if you had four Operations in a Routing (10, 20, 30 and 40), then the attribute values entered against Operation 10 will be rolled forward onto Operation 20 and so on.  

So if you had entered the Manufacturer of CLEVER against Operation 10 (as per the above example) and then Country of GB against Operation 20 and then did not change anything on Operation 30, then the final Operation of 40 would have the "rolled up" values of Manufacturer CLEVER and Country GB when the Finished Item is Output.