There are three ways to report on data that can be ran which are available for both Customers and Vendors. 

1) API's based on the "Rebate Entries" table.

2) The "Rebate Statement". This is available from the Rebate Card and will only display the data relevant for that 1 rebate. 

3) The "Customer/Vendor Rebate Statement" available from the Search bar. This can be filtered to only show specific Customer/Vendors or specified Rebates but the premise is that it will display ALL the rebates per Customer or Vendor. There is an option on the Request page to hide or print the details which will either summarise the totals per rebate (and total of all of those together) or will show all the entries per rebate as well. 

1. API

From the "Rebate Entries" table (both sales and Purchase), the data can be reported on via an API which can be used with a tool such as Power BI. This means that all headers from the rebate table can be pulled and filtered on to personalise the data you need. 

2. Rebate Statement

The "Rebate Statement" report will show you the "Rebate entries" that have been logged against the "Sales/Purchase rebate". It will also display the "Scheme Steps" you have in place if your Rebate Type is 'Stepped'. This can act as both a historical view of the rebate or a current view, as when opening up the report and populating the Request page filter for Rebate Summary As of date, you can enter either a previous date to see only the entries and totals as of that date, or you can use 'Todays' date and see the summary of what has been accrued to date. 

Opening up the Rebate card you want the report for, click into 'Reports' in the ribbon and select the "Rebate Statement". 

This will open up a Request Page for you to populate where you can specify your Rebate Summary As of date as well as any other filters you may wish to use. You can either Print this, Preview & Close or even choose the Send to option to schedule the report.

Once the report opens, it will look something like the below example; (note this example shows "Scheme Steps", this would be hidden if Rebate Type was 'Fixed').

You can see that all the "Rebate Entries" are shown, any "Scheme Steps" that are in place along with an Asterisk to show what level has been achieved as of the date specified. A breakdown of the rebate summary is also included as well as the header information. 

This report could be used to send to Customers or Vendors prior to the Document Output being done to get their approval that they agree with the rebate being given. 

3. Customer/Vendor Rebate Statement

The "Customer/Vendor Rebate Statement" is available from the search bar and is designed to give you an overall view of all the rebate totals per Customer or Vendor. 

In the search bar type "Customer Rebate Statement" or "Vendor Rebate Statement" dependant on which one you require. You can utilise the filters on the request page to drill down into specific Customer/Vendors or specify rebates.

Using the Rebate summary as of field to generate the report for the date you require, you can then choose to keep Print Details as 'No' or change it to 'Yes'. 'No' will generate the list of rebates in summarised form whereas 'Yes' will show all the Document Types, Nos. and Posting Dates per rebate that have contributed towards the rebate total. Not specifying a customer/vendor will generate the document including all of them via separate pages. Finally, a Total Rebate Amount at the bottom of the page will provide the total for all of the rebates included on the report.