"Tracking Code Statuses" are used in Clever Quality to define what action to take at what point in time based on the Status of the "Quality Order" or Lots/Serials associated to it.

From the "Quality Setup" ribbon, "Role Center" or search bar, click into "Tracking Code Statuses" and using the +New option in the ribbon, create a new 20 Character Code along with a Description. These are initially assigned against a "Quality Test" which then carries through to "Quality Orders". The Lot Status field on the "Lot No Information Card", Serial Status on the "Serial No Information Card" and the Tracking Code Status fields look at the same "Tracking Code Status" list. 

Against each "Tracking Code Status" Code, you can tick what will happen when the Code is in use so Block Lot, Block Serial or Allow Reclassification can be ticked if you want to confirm these options when the tracking code has been used against an order or Lot/Serial number. If Block Lot or Block Serial is ticked, that Lot or Serial number will remain blocked until resolved. If Allow Reclassification is ticked, it gives the user the ability to move blocked Lots/Serial No's using the "Item Reclassification Journal".

From the ribbon, lines can be edited or Deleted from the "Tracking Code Statuses" list. 

Accessing the "Lot No Information List" or the "Serial No Information List" will show all of the Lot/Serial No's used as well as their status.