Clever Attributes

The Clever Attributes App provides additional functionality to both specify and collect additional data for items during manufacturing and inventory transactions.

By extending the standard model of Item Attributes, it allows you to be able to specify Attribute Values against Routing Lines and Production Order Routing Lines.  This then allows you to: 

  • Display critical specification information using the different types of integer, decimal, text or option that you can have against each defined attribute.
  • Force entry of a valid attribute value before an output, consumption or capacity (time) transaction can be entered.

Clever Attributes can be used to ensure that operators know critical quality information and using the enforced entry options, makes sure that those quality measures or grades have been achieved and captured. 

You can configure up to attribute headings to be used against routing lines and decide for each routing line if they are display only or entry is required.  That entry can be persistent across multiple production orders for that machine centre or can require reinput for each production order or each transaction.

In combination with the Clever MES App, Clever Attributes facilities rapid display and entry using web-based touch screens for fast and efficient capture.