The "Clever Credit" page is designed to make it easier for Credit Controllers to follow up on overdue payments by making the relevant information readily available in one place.

The list displays a summary of the credit position of each customer, showing information such as the Payment Terms Code, Balance (LCY), No of Credit Held Documents, Overdue Balance and the Aging of Amounts owed. The FactBox on the right also shows the Clever Credit Statistics, Clever Contact details and any existing interactions.

The actions in the ribbon give you quick access to information that helps decision making. The Customer Card can be accessed if any information needs to be checked, displaying the "Customer Card" for the line you have selected on the "Clever Credit" page. The Ledger Entries is available which will show a filtered list the 'Open' Ledger entries for that customer. Recalculate Entries will update the amounts for any Customers that have had postings to their ledger and update the values accordingly, whereas Recalculate All will refresh the whole page of data and all Customer ledger entries regardless of whether the values have changed since the screen was last recalculated. As this task could be quite intensive, it is advised to run this out of hours. If you notice any action needs to be taken, you can Create Interaction from the ribbon. This will automatically create a "Credit To-Do" once actioned. More information on these can be found here.

The New Credit Controller action in the ribbon is used when wanting to create new credit controllers via an Assisted Setup. The instructions to do so can be found in the Credit Controllers - Assisted Setup screen. 

Click on Options in the ribbon to filter the "Clever Credit" List by credit Controller.

As well as the data visible immediately, there is also new data that can be added in via the Personalise function. Here, the Credit Controller Code field can be added into the "Clever Credit" page if the visibility for the assigned credit controller per Customer is useful. 

Also available is the Customer Details Factbox added to the personalisation for the "Clever Credit" page. 

In the actual Clever Credit table itself, a whole host of relevant information is available, making managing your payments and customers an efficient process, most of which are classed as flowfields, enabling you to click into the values shown for more visibility. Each line represents the Customers and will display the Account Status from the "Customer Card" so you can see at a glance the position of the customer and whether it is Overdue and exceeded their credit limit. The Balance (LCY) and Credit Limit (LCY) are also pulled from the "Customer Card" and show the outstanding (or Open) "Customer Ledger Entries" which still have a balance to pay as well as their stored Credit Limit that has been decided by you as a Business.

The No of Credit Held Documents will display the value corresponding to the amount of documents that are in the "Credit Held List" as 'Held Documents'. This signifies that there are documents awaiting the decision to be released by the Credit Controller and cannot proceed until they are checked. This works the same for the No of Service Credit Held Documents, which will instead show the held Service Documents. 

Other helpful fields are Avg. Days to Pay and Avg. Overdue Days. These show the state of the Customers previous payment activity where Avg Days to Pay shows how many days the Payment Date was from the Posting Date of the invoice based on an average of all of the "Customer Ledger Entries", i.e. if Posting date was '01/06/2023' and the Payment Date was '27/06/2023', the calculation would show it took 26 days to pay for 1 "Customer Ledger Entry". If another "Customer ledger Entry" shows it took 30 days to pay then the average would calculate as 28 days. The Avg Overdue Days is calculated as the amount of days the payment was received after its Due Date per Customer Ledger Entry and again, this field would show the average across all of the entries. Clicking into the values in the flowfields would display this data by ledger entry for more clarification. 

The No of To-Do's and No. of Overdue To-Do's are also displayed here which gives the Credit Controller a helpful view of what is still left to do per Customer. As the Interactions is included in the Clever Credit Statistics factbox, the values shown in the table will also be shown in the Factbox. 

Finally, based on the "Aging Bands" that were defined in Setup, the "Clever Credit" page will also show each Customer's overdue balances based on the Aging parameters created. Again, these can be clicked into to see the entries the totals include which can assist in planning what to chase as priority. 


On the Credit Review Chart FactBox, there is a chart related to the Credit Limit Last Checked field from the "Customer card".  This will be displayed for each customer and shows the increases to Credit Limit vs Balance over time. You can change the view settings or change the Setup where required.

In here, you can change the setup to Use Work Date as Base and by using the Expand Chart link the chart will be enlarged for easier viewing. For more information on how to use the Last Checked functionality, please refer to the Customer Card. 

If using Clever Credit alongside Document Delivery

If Clever Document Delivery is installed, you can send out a statement to the Customer with the Send Email or Queue Email action. This function uses the Statement Doc Type Code value from the "Clever Credit Setup" page.

For more info about email sending please read the Clever Document Delivery documentation.